To reduce a human personality to the confines of a small box seems to me a gross oversimplification, but if I had to choose words to describe me, I would say….

Joyful, introspective, amiable, goofy, compassionate, impatient, selfish, open-heart and open-minded. I have a fascination with languages, 50’s era fashion, and my own Latino culture.

I think I’m a very extroverted introvert. I enjoy asking questions and being on the receiving end of a conversation. I’ve never quite felt like I fit in, and I will never turn down a sweet, be it ice cream (a choice favorite) chocolate, or a pastry.

When I was little I dreamed of being a a novelist/traveling doctor and bringing love to those in need. Isn’t it funny how your childhood goals can say so much to you, even years later?