Can you believe
the ease with which
we gently press and search

We click goodbye,
and so we think

wiped clean, all gone

From memory.

I find that in my own reality
although the pictures may be gone,
Still lingers near their quiet song.

Awakened now from deep within
these melodies stir up the hurt;
Although with it
came great growth spurt.

How are the ways
the heart does heal,
a mystery for me remains.
On mountain tops
and lowly hills,

The loss is there,
with all the gains.

The ebb and flow of lost romance
— and in a trance
my thoughts repeat;

How could it all have really gone?
And was I the one in the wrong?

Or is this all
a larger plan?
Still yet I fail to understand.

The wounds they surface
one by one,
Distraction begs to be embraced.

But now I know that I must sit,
with this, these lonely memories;
Which once were life, and light, and fun.
But now are infinitely undone.

I wait for Time
to purify.
And only leave me with the good.

The rule of life I dare not break,
for things move on
On as they should.

Peace is the sister of her twin;
Anguish and this can coexist.

And now I know this to be true,
tis’ possible to have the two.

Perhaps not all the questions asked
deserve a fair answer at last.

An invitation now to lean,
into my everlasting King.

My burdens now He yearns to take;
A pure heart for me He longs to make.

More patient, kind
Is this new heart He has for me.

Into this heart now I must grow;
Learning to reap what I must sow.

Abundance, peace, tranquility,
Is what I know He wants for me.

And so I run into His arms,
when I am tempted to despair;

And though my heart is in repair
hope fills the air,

Sweet, warm,
and soft.

For I am learning
Who is love,
And how to look to Him above.

To one day be,
all me,
a gift;

— Completely trust,

To all,
to one,
to strangers found,

For in Him
life and love abounds.

The cost you say?

And I reply,

this love, this life,
this joy within,

The best part now
is this,
— you’ll see;

This love it comes,
completely free.


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