No Valentine? No Problem!

Hello faithful readers!

(All five of you) Hahaha, I’m kidding. Maybe. I apologize if I’ve been MIA, but lately I’ve had blogging-block because, well, my life is not very interesting.

My days are filled with trying to figure out how to find the time to be fit and healthy while still staying faithful to my prayer life but also making sure to carve out time to hang out with friends and do fun things + staying on top of school assignments + studying for the NCLEX + laundry + cooking + dishes + sleeping a decent amount of hours so basically I can’t live without my planner and I look like this:

But at least coffee is in the picture, right?Silver linings.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of creative ideas in case you should find yourself in the same boat as myself; not that I am unhappy being single, quite the opposite actually. I am excited to grow in virtue and gain a deeper insight for all the types of love we can receive (and I’m currently geeking out to The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis). I have decided to truly embrace the gift of singleness and rejoice in how creative I get to be!

I hope you guys enjoy this short and sweet post of ideas that have been floating in and out of my own mind, and that you remember that you are someone’s whole heart and world — you are loved and you matter. Your life really truly does matter. I don’t believe anyone hears that enough. The world tries to tell us that we have to have a whole army of people who adore us in order to justify that our lives are significant, that they count.

Don’t fall victim to that lie.

Amidst the tears (and there were lots of them) while watching The Greatest Showman (this movie appealed to every fiber of my soul: romantic, dreamy, inspiring, + the singing. + + Hugh Jackman. I have been in love with him ever since I saw my first X-Men movie) Charity’s words became embedded within the part of my brain that stores inspirational quotes:

So without further ado, here are 4 Valentine’s Day Ideas from yours truly!

1) Take a mini road-trip instead of having a romantic dinner reservation. Sure you can take your mans if you got one, but bring your girls along too! Or your mom. Or your cat (actually maybe not the cat.) I have been eyeing this place for a hot second cause I mean well, look at this

You can find this baby at The Grind Mac and Cheese Burger Bar located at 112 Lovelace Street Martin, TN. Plus, I’m sure you could get a lovey-dovey let’s pretend we’re sharing this milkshake but really I’m gonna eat it all photo op out of it if you really want to be that girl. Teehee.

2.) Pick a valentine you don’t know. This one might be a little cheesy, but surprises are so fun! For most people at least. And how loved will the person you choose feel!?

3.) Be a valentine for a a child in need. I had the privilege to hear Bethany Williams, Exile International’s founder, speak my freshman year and I was hooked right after. This ministry is beautiful and goes full circle. I encourage you to read their story (& her book!) and give of yourself.

“There’s no better Valentine than giving love, healing and hope – transforming the life of a child.”

Go check them out here! —> http://exileinternational.org/be-my-valentine/

4) Be your own valentine! I used to think that self care, feeling good about being you, and transmitting that to the world would come off as being conceited or selfish. But this year in particular I have realized that A) self care is so important and that B) when you feel good about yourself, you give off positive energy. And people feed off of your energy. Whether you want to be influenced by another person or not, it is unavoidable. So don’t be afraid to be beautiful! (or handsome if any dudes actually read my blog). True beauty is always pointing us to the Father.

I once heard it said about Audrey Hepburn that her beauty was not something that intimidated you; it was inviting (and yes I still want to be her; my teen dreams live on) So be your own sunshine & help people cultivate their own 🌻





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