My Travels!

Cheque Leke

Honduras has been popping up in my prayer time a lot this past week,
so why not dedicate a blog post to it as well?

In March of 2017 I traveled to Comayagua, Honduras for yet another mission trip (I just really love mission trips; they give me lots of life). I was really excited to go because I reasoned that since I spoke Spanish, I could make some solid connections with the people we would encounter. It definitely helped I think, but regardless of that fact I made memories to last me a lifetime.

I don’t know WHY I keep coming back to that trip, but it truly changed my life. You see, Jesus is always waiting for us to say yes to Him. And I think that we have a big initial yes and then many small ones after (because everyday we have the choice of whether we still want in or not — Free will; WOO). 

I shared this with my friend and she suggested that maybe God was trying to tell me to go back and read my journal from my time there. I’m really weird about re-reading stuff I write — a part of me cringes and just doesn’t wanna do it, and I’m not entirely sure why. I never even re-read my blog posts, so I apologize for the silly grammatical errors (maybe I’ll start to proofread more; I am just an amateur blogger though). 

I crouched down to search my nightstand shelf and sure enough, after a lot of fumbling, I pulled out a small polka-dotted hardcover journal. My stomach kinda churned a little. “Ahhh here goes,” I thought. It’s funny how most of the time we only understand situations through retrospect — I’ve been struggling with this whole season of singleness God has me in. Not to cast the wrong idea, I really love it for the most part, but I have this transitory ache in my chest for a man completely in love with His Savior; *Sigh How attractive is that?! Heart eyes for days.

Anyway getting back on track here; I know that a man will never fulfill that ache, that only Jesus satisfies and gives us the fullness of life, and that He has a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1) which brings me a lot of peace. Where were we? Ah yes, the journal! Single struggles. As soon as I opened up those pages, I felt God speaking so much truth into how I had been feeling recently. The recurring theme of letting my heart fall in complete love with God kept popping up page after page. “Thanks Lord, I needed this reminder big time,” I said to myself.

It was also just so good to relive memories I had kinda forgotten about, so if any of you Honduras peeps read this, I love you a lot and I hope you get joy from reading some of my journaled bullets:

  • So. Much. Beans.
  • I didn’t know cheese could taste so salty.
  • You are the best” – Maribel.
  • Zack teaching Maribel to say “Behive” instead of “Behave”.
  • Also when Zack farted in the back of the church and killed us all.
  • Honduran chips bags are the tiniest I’ve ever seen.
  • Singing Little Mermaid songs with Steven.
  • Not having to wear any makeup; It rocked!
  • Walking down the mountains, holding hands with the sweet little girls while praying that I wouldn’t trip over my own feet.
  • “Poor Branson; He looked like a ghost, but I’m bummed we didn’t get to stick him with an IV.” – me
  • To Maribel and Rachel: I totally pretended to be asleep on the bus ride back because I didn’t want you to stop rubbing my shoulders (I felt extremely loved by that)
  • Now I know how famous people feel when they hear their songs on the radio.” – Zack referencing the kids who kept copying him & making rooster noises.
  • I’ve never sang a song about a frog so many times in my life.
  • The moment all our teams reunited. Mmm. So good. So much love. So much stories.




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