I fall in love with bits and pieces of people. Mainly their laughs. I fall in love with people’s laughs big time. But I also just love to find out people’s quirks. 

Like my friend Tiffany (if you’re reading this hey girl!!) I absolutely adore her laugh. It gives me so much joy. 

Or the way my friend Emily makes funny Russian voices. I love that.

And the way my friend Rachel scrunches her nose and makes this smile, it’s my favorite. 

Or the way my roommate Dani and I can speak Spanglish to each other (and our telepathy.)

I love quirks. Oddities. Things that make you, you

I love the way my dad walks. He kinda has his feet turned out a little bit at all times and well, I don’t really know. I just love it cause it’s his walk. 

My mom is always making funny faces and she laughs 24/7 so I know her laugh pretty well by now. 

I thought it’d be fun to share some of my quirks. So that maybe from this post you can walk away with a new found appreciation for quirks (and be on the lookout for ’em!) Let yourself linger on those weird, little things about yourself and others. It’s fun! Or at least I think so. Here goes!

I am obsessed with Q-tips. Even if you aren’t supposed to clean your ears with them. I just haaaave to. 

I like to eat standing up.

I always sit on the right side of a church. 

I have to sit facing the door in a restaurant. 

I can’t sleep if my closet doors are open. 

I don’t like the phrase te amo. I prefer to use te quiero

I’m not really a big hugger. They’re kinda awkward, no? Or maybe I’m the awkward one. 

I eat tomato at least once a day. 

I have an irregular heart rhythm (don’t worry though, I got it checked out; I’m all good) 

I have this blanket that I got when I was little that I still sleep with. I call it my cobijita, “little blanket” in Spanish. My dad tried to hide it from me multiple times, but now that I live on my own, he has no say in the matter. Muahahaha. 

Administering injections gives me a weird, satisfying pleasure.

I really really love Ensures. 

I’m very drawn to wounds. I don’t know why. I love cleaning them. 

Pictures of surgeries really gross me out, but I love watching them in person. 

I have a pretty big birth mark on my right calf that, growing up, constantly got confused for mud. (It kinda still does; mostly by my grandma) 

I color coordinate my closet.

I have a immense phobia of toads/frogs. Mainly toads though. Even typing that word makes me shudder. Blegh

And last but not least, I’ve never actually had a dream in Spanish before (but I prefer to read in it.)

Stay quirky friends,



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