Random thoughts

Full heart

Wow. I am just overcome by how much wonderful people my life is filled with. Like literally, mah heart can't take it.
Can it actually explode from too much emotion?

Being back in KY actually feels delightful; I was dreading it. Dreading leaving Mexico and the carefree-ness of it. I was afraid that being back would hit me like a ton of bricks: responsibilities, commitments, actually having to use my brain again (lol kidding) but it's been the exact opposite. I have been welcomed by beautiful souls and ugh. They just love me so well. I don't deserve it.

It makes me think of how that's what's most important people, relationships, friendships. I'm super in the feels too because it's my last year of college, and I LOVE college — I never want it to end. It's the dreaming phase of life. A place where you can be anything, meet so many people, venture out of your comfort zone. Plus you don't have real jobs too, and that's always nice.

I'm trying to go into this semester full out. I don't want to look back and have any regrets. Why didn't I talk to that person. I should have invested more of myself in KD. Maybe I should have tried X, Y or Z. Nope. None of that. I am Izel 2.0 now. No longer that shy freshman girl. (hahaha okay maybe I am. I feel like people think I'm super outgoing but I totally have social anxiety.)

I'm either hormonal or having a midlife midlife crisis because I just bawl at the fact that there is a lot of lasts for me. But Jesus has been so so so so good. He makes sure I'm never lonely and every semester He sends me more people who become a part of my heart forever.

— To those of you who love me so perfectly, thank you. Know that every night I thank God for you because you make my heart so happy. I just wanna hug everyone, and that means a lot because I am not a hugger.

Heart is so full. God is so good. I love you all. Ando bien emocional. Ay vienen las chillatas. Mejor me voy a dormir.

Thanks for making me feel so loved,



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