I Love

I’m writing this more so for myself; for when I’m knee deep in nursing student responsibilities, I’ve only eaten a piece of bread with peanut butter + downed my weight in coffee and I need to come back to a place I can’t live without. 

……..I love the gentle sound of palm trees swaying in the wind.

I love the cool, crisp mornings where I can just sit on my balcony and slowly drink my cafe.

I love that everywhere I look, there is majestic beauty — a world colored with green and blue.

I love the way it storms so powerfully here, the loud rumbling of the thunder. 

I love listening to the crack of lightning far off in the distance. 

I love to hear the tolling of the bells.

I love the way my family loves each other — no grudges, and so much support.

I love to lay on my cousins’ beds and realize how much I love these human beings (and catch up on all that good chisme) 

I love the welcoming and familiar taste of a cuba. The way it tastes like home to me.

I love bailes with all my primis, y muchachos que si te sacan a bailar. 

¡I also love to bailar! un muchacho que sí sabe bailar banda, enamora (o nomas con que sepa bailar; me caso) 

I love that I can satisfy my incessant craving for ice cream on every corner of the street.

I love watching the snapchats from el bailongo the next morning (or laying in my bed at 5 am watching them because the internet is fire at that time)

I love Mexican Doritos. 

I love the endless options of tortillas.

I love my bike rides, late in the afternoon, when the world seems so peaceful and the sun is slowly setting, it’s gentle rays slowly leaving my skin. 

I love being on the dance floor surrounded by family, friends, and strangers who suddenly become your partner-in-booty-shaking.

I love the feeling of crawling into my bed, freshly showered, letting my exhausted body fade into a sea of ginormous Mexican blankets.

I love the endless home cooked meals.

I love the tangy, spicy Mexican candy. 

I love that I can choose to dress up for no reason. And that everyone here has a killer sense of fashion. 

I love walking to my Abuelita Olivia’s and struggling to get that dang string to pull the door open.

I love listening to my Abuelito Manuel’s commentary on whatever it is he’s watching that night, and slowly seeing him knock out. 

I love meeting new family members and listening to all their stories about times past. 

I love that I get to go to Mass in the same church my parents got married in. 

I love devouring Güeros post-Sunday mass. 

I love stuffing my face with tacos after having one too many drinks. 

I love las paletas de leche. 

Los tacos. Enough said. 

I love playing tennis even if it’s only to laugh at myself and how terrible I am. 

I love that I can hitch rides with all my cousins here because I hate to drive. 

I love morning bike rides to los jugos.

I love that everyone crowds around Gelacios so I always know where to find people.

I love the sound of banda in the plaza. 

I love the surprise on people’s face when they hear that I can do a grito Mexicano. Really I just love that we do that. We’re such weirdos. 

I love the sound of mariachis before the celebration of anything: weddings, quinces. 

I love coming home after parties with my primas and eating a whole packet of oreos, laughing about whatever happened in the baile that night. 

I love the feeling of finally taking off your heels after zapateandole on the pista all night long. 

I love the ratio of drinking tequila to actually paying for it. It’s nice to be a girl sometimes. 

I love sitting outside my Tia Olga’s house, pretending the wifi is actually loading things.

I love the many delicious ways you can eat corn here (especially that esquite)

I love just being surrounded by my family. It’s here that I realize how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to live this life. 

Also I just love looking at my family all dolled up. They’re so hot! Pura belleza Jalisciense. 

I love my Abuelita Nena’s chuckling laugh, and the way she purses her lips and her eyes get so big when she’s telling some chisme or funny story. 

I love the stern demeanor of my Abuelito Rafa and his laugh too, the way it comes out like he’s constantly making fun of the world.

I love the smell of tierrita mojada.

I love spending my days hammocking and reading. 

I love traveling outside of Sanjose and getting to observe the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Mexico. 

I love watching soccer games with my family.

I love catching up with fellow sanjosaians, and just the warm feeling of familiarity they give me, even if I only talk to them once a year. 

I love seeing all the sweet, little old ladies wear their black veils in mass. It reminds me of a time when daily life revolved around religion. 

I love the deeply satisfying feeling of being clean after going mudding. 

I love dias de campo where we get the easy part of just showing up and eating all the chicken salad. 

I love the charras and all the carilla my family is filled with. 

I love being able to take a break from the United States and see it with fresh eyes and a new perspective. 

I love the concept of time here, the loss of schedules and to-do lists. 

I LOVE THE PAN HERE. (Concha queen forever) 

I love tamales on Sundays after mass at grandmas. Or just the tamales in general. 

En fin, I think I love everything about this place. (Okay maybe not esas moscas enfadosas, the really bad wifi, or the constant threat of chorro.)

I hate feeling so helpless at the fact that time goes by so fast. I just want it to stop. To slow down. Wasn’t it just Sunday!?  

Knowing that my life is gonna be completely different in a year makes my chest feel a little heavy. I’m so used to unwinding in San Jo, to all it’s charms and the way it’s such a big part of me. How am I gonna make it without spending all my summers here? 

I just want to internalize everything, soak it all up, breathe it all in. This is my safe haven. Y es la puritita verdad…como México no hay dos. 


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