Hi peeps. 

So in light of having my laptop stolen, I haven’t been able to really blog all the random thoughts that come to mind. And also because the wifi in Mexico is reallyyy slow. 

Being here feels like a dream. It’s just such a totally different environment than back home. I have to pinch myself sometimes because it’s so beautiful here. One thing that I just can’t get enough of are the cerros, or mountains? Idk what they are called in English but I’m sure with google you could find it out. (So there is some hw if you’re curious.)

As we were passing them in my uncle’s car, there was something about them that I just couldn’t put my finger on….what DO they make me feel? Why am I so enraptured by them? After some pondering and listening to lots of Ed Sheeran it finally came to me: they make me realize my little-ness. And then I dove deeper into that train of thought. 

At first I felt kind of bad. “Wow… I am such an insignificant part of this universe…” I thought. But even in my smallness, I am so loved. By my family, by Jesus, by my friends. And I kind of rested in that realization, that I am small. But I am so loved. So if you are feeling small and insignificant today, don’t fall for that lie. The world wouldn’t be the same without you in it, without the way that you have knowingly or unknowingly touched so many other people’s lives.  

So yeah. That’s really all I have to say about that. Let yourself feel loved by those around you. Let it flood your heart. 


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