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I would like to warn you that if this next post seems lack luster and just not up to par, it might be because I am running on 3 hours of sleep (for more info see previous post). But I’m really lovin’ this bloggin’ thing and this one has been on my heart for some time, so let’s get started!

I am a pretty random person or how you would say in Spanish ocurrente. I get crazy ideas all the time and I’m pretty much down for adventure 24/7. That being said, I love discovering things that really just speak to my heart. The things I am about to share have really helped me connect with my faith so if you’re a catholic gal or guy (more geared to the girls, sorry fellas) I hope you check these next suggestions out. And even if you’re not catholic, I hope you find beauty in them anyway, 🙂  (not ALL of them are thaaat catholic-ey. And if they are, again, I’m sorry. Currently going through a catholic-high, so just love me (what I always tell my parents).

Once I chose to take my faith seriously, I discovered this whole new world of people on FIRE for their faith. I felt overwhelmed. I thought, “I have to listen to all the podcasts, know all the catholic speakers, all the popular catholic sayings. WOW I AM SO BEHIND. What does totus tuus mean again?! *Panic*.  I didn’t grow up in a catholic school or anything so while I have the heart, I definitely lack the mind. Down below you’ll find suggestions with how I’m catching up.

Social media is a sticky situation for me. I spend waaaaaay more time on it than I should. BUT it can also be used for so much good, truth, and beauty so here are some things that make me feel a little less guilty about being glued to my phone:

  • Instagram – oh man I love the ‘grams. Here are some awesome accounts you should follow so that next time you’re trying to avoid that small talk or stuck in traffic, you still get some goodness in your life:
    • blessedisshe_ THIS SITE IS FULL OF BEAUTY. I am obsessed. (Plus they have an awesome planner. And planners are one of my love languages)
    • focuscatholic – this organization has done so much for my life. I just love them.
    • emwilss – she’s a gem.
    • thelittlecatholicbox – I just love the scripture pics, so cute.
    • justloveprints – SOOOO CUTE GUYS. It’s hard not to want to buy every single one of them.
    • – so artsy, luv it.
    • nunandnunner -THEY ARE HILARIOUS.
  • PODCASTS – okay guys. I AM SO SUPER OBSESSED WITH PODCASTS. They are truly, truly life changing. And the app is already on your phone if you have an iPhone so hey. Plus they are so convenient! You can listen to them on a road trip, while working out, while cleaning, cooking or just laying down on your bed cuddled up works too.
    • My number one. Easily my favorite human being, the one, the only, Father Mike Schmitz. (He is also on Youtube and his vids are awwwwwesome. Go check him out!). You can find his podcasts under UMD Newman Campus Catholic Ministry. Ugh. So good.
    • Catholic Stuff You Should Know – These priests are hilarious!
    • Just One Small Thing – Even though it’s geared more towards mothers, I still enjoy giving it a listen.
    • Do Something Beautiful – Leah Darrow is just so kewl. Also, follow her on insta. Her babies are cute. And she’s writing a book! (Reading — also a love language of mine).
    • Fishers Of Men – Super relatable! They have some good stuff on there.
    • How to Catholic – This one is super fun, practical and they are just good for your life. Lisa and Kevin are also on Insta I think.
    • Caritas – haven’t actually given this a listen yet so stay tuned
    • The Fountains of Carrots – this one either, but it came highly recommended!
    • The Catholic Feminist – Haven’t started listening but their Instagram is cuuuuute.
    • Simple Roots – This one is not religious based, but it is a realllyyyy good podcast on all things healthy!
  • Books – I am an avid reader and am a firm believer that books can transform you (helloo the Bible). Here are some of my current and favorite reads:
    • Happy Are You Poor by Thomas Dubay. Not going to lie, it’s a hard read because it’s a very intellectually dense book. I am going through it really slowly and re-reading chapters because its pretty deep.
    • Blessed Child by Ted Dekker – When I read this I just felt peace.
    • Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly. I actually read this a couple of summers ago and never finished it so I’m gonna start it again! I do remember it was really good though.
    • Theology of the Body for Beginner’s by Christopher West – I know pretty much nothing about theology of the body (hence why I got the version for beginner’s) but I find this topic extremely intriguing and I’m excited to grow in wisdom and church teaching!
    • I Believe In Love, a personal retreat based on the teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux – I picked this book up during spring break two years ago and also didn’t finish it so I can’t comment on it much, but what I did read was super powerful.
    • Searching For and Maintaining Peace by Father Jacques Philippe – THIS BOOK. I try to read it every night before bed because it is full of comfort and just. Ugh. Read it friends. It’s a game changer. I adore it.
  • Pinterest – Believe it or not this is a key factor in keeping me connected to the faith, (lol). There is so much inspirational quotes on there and catholic info on how to pray the rosary, lots of Mother Teresa stuff (squeal) and just well, catholic pinteresty stuff. (I have a board I made for my bible study that has lots of fun things, go check it out —> Tiny House Bible Study

I think that’s kind of it for now. Oh! I also have the Laudate app on my phone. It’s perfect for looking up the daily readings, learning how to pray different chaplets, and so much more!

I’ll end with helpful habits that have brought me closer to Jesus each day. Some days it’s just an inch, but some days it’s miles.

  • Prayer – I know this is a duh one but guys, I was the wooooorst with prayer until I, A) MADE it a priority B) picked a specific place to pray that was not my bed at night and C) started using more prayer tools (I think I’ll dedicate a post to prayer later because there’s so many layers to it.)
  • THE SACRAMENTS. This is so key. I cannot emphasize this enough.
  • Reading the Bible – “Ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. I am particularly fond of this one because I grew up doing it. A great way to start is looking up the daily readings and journaling along with it, jotting down what sticks out to you, what you don’t understand, and what you feel super convicted about.

I hope that these little tidbits of what I’m using now in my life to grow in virtue, grace, and knowledge can be of some use to you! Community is key. You can’t do it on your own, and Jesus doesn’t want you to.

I will end with one of my favorite Catholic Pinterest finds:

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